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The best rates for 2 nights accommodation 
    Remember to enter the number of nights, because  the longer you stay, the cheaper the rate!
All rates are in AUD and include all taxes.
   Arrival      Nights     
Cairns Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
19 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24 Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug 29 Aug 30 Aug 31 Aug 01 Sep
Cairns Colonial Club ResortQueen Hotel RoomSoldSoldSold9494949494949494949494
King/ Twin Hotel RoomSold99998080808080808080808080
Superior Twin Queen Hotel RoomSold102102Sold87878787878787878787
Studio King/ Twin ApartmentSold1101109595959595959595959595
Cairns Queens CourtBudget Room Share Bthm 2.5*SoldSold95SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold80808080Sold
Budget Twin Room Share BthmSold95SoldSoldSold8080SoldSoldSold8080SoldSold
Superior Room + BreakfastSoldSoldSold112112Sold112112112Sold112112112112
Superior Twin Room + BfstSoldSoldSold112112Sold112112112Sold112112112Sold
Premier Hotel Suite + BfastSold161Sold142142142142142142142142142142142
2 Room Family Suite + BfastSoldSoldSold161161161161Sold161161161161161161
Studio Hotel Suite + BfastSold169150150150150150150150150150150150150
Coral Towers Holiday Suites1 Bedroom Ocean ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold199199199SoldSold199199
2 Bdrm 2 Bthm Ocean ApartmentSoldSold239239239239SoldSold239239239239239239
Deluxe 2 Bdrm 2 Bthm ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold259259259259259259
Northern Greenhouse Apts and BackpackersKing Studio Apartment95959595959595959595Sold9595Sold
 City Centre  
Studio Apartment - 1 K + 2 SSold140140140140140140140140140140140140140
Mixed Dorm Room2626262626262626262626262626
6 Bed Male Share Dorm Room2626262626262626262626262626
6 Bed Female Share Dorm Room2626262626262626262626262626
Jazz CairnsDouble RoomSoldSoldSold5555555555555555555555
 City Centre  
12 Share Mixed DormSold18181818181818181818181818
8 Share Mixed Dorm2020202020202020202020202020
8 Share Female Only Dorm2020202020202020202020202020
  Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
19 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24 Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug 29 Aug 30 Aug 31 Aug 01 Sep
Nomads Cairns Backpackers Hostel8 Bed Mixed Share Dorm1919191919191919191919191920
6 Bed Mixed Share Dorm2323232323232323232323232324
6 Bed Female Share Dorm2323232323232323232323232324
4 Bed Mixed Share Dorm2525252525252525252525252526
4 Bed Female Share Dorm2525252525252525252525252526
Twin Hotel Room - Share Bthrm5050505050505050505050505055
Double Hotel Room- Share Bthrm5050Sold5050505050505050505055
Twin Hotel Room + EnsuiteSold55SoldSold55555555555555555560
Double Hotel Room + EnsuiteSoldSold555555555555555555555560
King Hotel Room + Ensuite7070707070707070707070707075
Hides Hotel CairnsHeritage Twin Hotel Room+ BfstSoldSoldSold7979797988797979799898
 City Centre  
Heritage Queen Room + BfastSold98797979797988797979799898
Queen Hotel Room+ Ensuite+BfstSoldSoldSold9494Sold94Sold94949494SoldSold
Superior Hotel Room+ Bfast134124124124124124124134124124124124144144
Family Hotel Room - 1 Q + 2 SSold157SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold
Cairns Reef Apartments MotelQueen/ Twin Hotel RoomSoldSoldSold9090909090909090909090
1 Bedroom Apartment120120120SoldSoldSoldSold120120120120120120120
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold150150150150150150150
2 Bedroom 2 Bthrm FamilySoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold160160160160160160160
Southern Cross Atrium ApartmentsStudio King/ Twin ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold164158158158158153158
1 Bedroom Superior ApartmentSoldSold191SoldSold191191186179179179179174179
1 Bedroom Deluxe ApartmentSold197202Sold202202202197190190190190185190
2 Bdm 2 Bthm Superior AptmentSold341SoldSoldSold351351Sold329329329329319329
2 Bdm 2 Bthm Deluxe ApartmentSoldSold364Sold364SoldSold354342342342SoldSoldSold
  Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
19 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24 Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug 29 Aug 30 Aug 31 Aug 01 Sep
Park Regis City QuaysQueen Studio Hotel RoomSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold109SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold
 City Centre  
Superior Studio Hotel RoomSold144Sold189SoldSold139139139139139139139209
1 Bedroom Apartment179134SoldSoldSoldSoldSold129129129129129129Sold
Superior 1 Bedroom ApartmentSold174Sold219219Sold169169169169169169169249
Superior 2 Bdm 2Bthm ApartmentSold289SoldSoldSoldSoldSold269269269269269Sold359
Bay Village Tropical Retreat ApartmentsQueen/ Twin Hotel RoomSold126126141141141141141141141141141141141
1 Bedroom Queen ApartmentSold186SoldSold186186186186186186Sold186186186
2 Bdrm 2 Bthrm ApartmentSold316316Sold291291291291291291291291291291
3 Bdrm 2 Bthrm ApartmentSold346SoldSoldSold316316316316316316316316316
Cairns Rainbow ResortBudget Queen + Single RoomSoldSold1051051051051051051051051059595119
 City Centre  
Queen + Single Hotel RoomSold115115115115115115115115115115105105129
Queen + 2 Singles Hotel Room175155155155155155155165165165165165165165
Pool View Queen Hotel Room135135135135135135135135135135135115115139
Budget 2 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSold175175175175175175175145145179
Pool View Family Hotel Room155155155155155155155155155155155125125159
Cairns Southside International InnDeluxe Hotel Room - 1 Q + 1s9590999999991091099999999999149
Deluxe Queen Hotel Room9590105105105105115115105105105105105165
Studio Apartment135125135125125125135135125125125125125205
Deluxe Family Hotel SuiteSold135135135SoldSoldSoldSold135SoldSoldSold135215
Luxury Spa Queen Hotel SuiteSold155SoldSoldSoldSold165SoldSoldSold155155155235
Deluxe Master Hotel Suite145145145145145145155155145145145145145225
2 Bedroom ApartmentSold165Sold165165165175175155165155155155255
  Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
19 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24 Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug 29 Aug 30 Aug 31 Aug 01 Sep
Geckos Backpackers Cairns4 Bed Mixed Dormitory RoomSoldSold222222262222222222222222
 City Centre  
Single Private RoomSoldSoldSold4242524242424242424242
Deluxe Twin Garden ViewSold53535353605353535353535353
Deluxe Double Garden ViewSold57575757645757575757575757
Triple Private RoomSoldSold797979827979797979797979
Heritage Cairns HotelHeritage Studio RoomSold117117117Sold117117117117117117Sold117Sold
 City Centre  
1 Bedroom Suite145145145145145145145145145145145145145145
2 Bedroom Suite200200SoldSold200200SoldSoldSold200200200200200
Oasis Inn Holiday ApartmentsDouble Motel Room9999SoldSoldSoldSoldSold89898989898989
 City Centre  
Double Studio ApartmentSold125110SoldSold110110110110110Sold110110110
1 Bedroom Apartment145145130130SoldSoldSold130130130130130130130
2 Bedroom ApartmentSold165Sold145145145145145145145145145145145
Cairns City Apartments2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom ApartmentSold350SoldSoldSoldSold350350SoldSold350350350Sold
3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom ApartmentSoldSold410410410410410410410410410410410410
Coral Tree InnQueen/ Twin Hotel RoomSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold125125125125160155SoldSold
Queen/ Twin Hotel Room + BfastSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold150150150150159159SoldSold
Family Hotel Room - 1 D + 2 SSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold169Sold169169SoldSoldSoldSold
1 Bedroom Queen Hotel SuiteSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold169Sold169169SoldSoldSoldSold
Grosvenor in CairnsStudio Queen ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold125SoldSoldSoldSold125
1 Bedroom ApartmentSold150150150SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold150
2 Bedroom ApartmentSold260260260SoldSoldSold260260260SoldSoldSold260
  Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
19 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24 Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug 29 Aug 30 Aug 31 Aug 01 Sep
Pacific Hotel CairnsQueen/ Twin Triple Hotel RoomSold229269239SoldSold209Sold169219Sold179179189
Deluxe King/ Twin Hotel Room236236236SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold236Sold236236236
Superior King/ Twin Hotel RoomSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold212SoldSold212SoldSoldSoldSold
Exec King/ Twin Hotel RoomSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold220SoldSold
Piermonde Apartments Cairns2 Bedrm 2 Bthrm Spa ApartmentSoldSold295SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold295345345Sold
 City Centre  
2 Bdrm Mountainview ApartmentSold323333353Sold333333333333333333383383393
2 Bdm Waterview Spa ApartmentSold353SoldSoldSoldSoldSold363363363363413413Sold
3 Bdm Waterview Spa ApartmentSold413SoldSold413Sold455Sold413413413413413Sold
Calypso Inn Backpackers Resort4-6 Share Mixed Dorm2323232323232323232323232324
 City Centre  
Double Room Shared Facilities6666626262626262626262626262
Twin Room Shared Facilities6666626262626262626262626262
Tradewinds McLeod Holiday Apartments2 Bedroom ApartmentSold180180180180180180180180180180180180180
Whiterock Leisure ParkBudget Double Cabin43434343SoldSold4343434343434343
 White Rock  
Deluxe Double CabinSoldSoldSold5959595959595959595959
2 Room Family Cabin9393939393SoldSoldSold939393SoldSold93
Cairns Cannon Park MotelDeluxe Queen Studio Hotel Room125125125125125SoldSoldSold125125125125125Sold
Deluxe Studio Room Disability125125125125125125125125125125125125125Sold
Deluxe Studio Room - 1 Q + 1 S135135135135125125125125125125125125125Sold
Exec Queen Studio Hotel Room145145135135135135135135135135135135135Sold
Deluxe Family Studio RoomSold145135135135135135135135135135135135Sold
  Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
19 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24 Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug 29 Aug 30 Aug 31 Aug 01 Sep
Mid City Luxury Suites1 Bedroom Queen ApartmentSoldSold175Sold170153153153153175Sold190195195
Palm Royale CairnsResort King/ Twin Hotel RoomSold9090SoldSold909090909090909090
Poolview Hotel RoomSold100100Sold100100100100100100100100100100
Executive Hotel RoomSold113113SoldSold113113113113113113113113113
Family Quad RoomSoldSoldSoldSoldSold109109SoldSold109109109SoldSold
Cairns Sheridan HotelDeluxe Queen/ Twin Hotel RoomSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold150150150150150150150150
Queen/Twin Hotel Room + BfastSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold170170170170170170170170
Deluxe King Hotel RoomSoldSoldSoldSoldSold175155155155155155155155155
King/ Twin Spa Hotel SuiteSold200SoldSoldSold200180180180180180180180180
One Bedroom SuiteSold200SoldSoldSold200180180180180180180180180
Reef Gateway Apartments2 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSold179179179179179179179179179179179179
2 Bedroom TownnhouseSold179179179179179179179179179179179179179
Rydges Esplanade Resort CairnsMountain View Hotel RoomSoldSold259Sold309309214205158Sold185184194209
 City Centre  
Ocean View Hotel RoomSold179279329329329234230178225205204214229
Family RoomSoldSold279Sold329Sold226Sold178225205204214229
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom ApartmentSold279279Sold279279SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold
2 Bedroom Tower ApartmentSold379359359359359359Sold359359359359359359
The Hotel CairnsQueen + Single Hotel RoomSoldSoldSoldSold235235235235235235235235235225
Il Palazzo Boutique Apartments Hotel1 Bedroom ApartmentSold225SoldSoldSoldSold225225225225Sold225225225
Cairns Plaza Hotel Double + Single Hotel RoomSoldSoldSold134Sold134SoldSold134Sold134134134134
Ocean View 1 Bdm Hotel SuiteSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold174Sold174174174Sold
  Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
19 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24 Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug 29 Aug 30 Aug 31 Aug 01 Sep
Cairns Luxury ApartmentsStudio Harbour View ApartmentSoldSold195SoldSoldSoldSoldSold195195195SoldSoldSold
1 Bedroom Garden Apartment SoldSoldSoldSold225225SoldSold225225225225SoldSold
1 Bedroom Harbour Apartment Sold295SoldSoldSoldSold295295295295295Sold295Sold
2 Bedroom Harbour ApartmentSoldSold395395395SoldSold395395395395395395395
3 Bedroom Harbour ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold475SoldSoldSold
Gilligans Backpackers Hotel and Resort10 Bed Mixed Dorm + EnsuiteSold2520202020252525Sold20202025
8 Bed Mixed Dorm + Ensuite3030252525253030302525252530
8 Bed Female Dorm + Ensuite3030252525253030302525252530
6 Bed Mixed Dorm +ensuite3434323232323434343232323234
6 Bed Female Dorm + Ensuite3434323232323434343232323234
Superior Six Bed Dorm3636343434343636363434343436
4 Bed Mixed Dorm + EnsuiteSold39373737373939393737373739
4 Bed Deluxe Dorm + EnsuiteSold41393939394141413939393941
4 Bed Female Dorm + EnsuiteSold39373737373939393737373739
Deluxe King Hotel RoomSold145135135Sold135145145SoldSold135135135Sold
Triple Deluxe Hotel RoomSoldSold145145SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold
Cairns City MotelQueen Ensuite Hotel RoomSold75757575757575757575757575
Queen + Single Ensuite Room SoldSold8585858585Sold858585858585
Triple Ensuite Hotel RoomSold100100100100100100SoldSoldSold100100100100
Cairns City SheridanDeluxe Hotel Room -1 Q + 1 SSoldSoldSold125Sold125125125145145145145145155
 City Centre  
Deluxe Queen Hotel RoomSold125Sold125125125125125129129129129129139
Queen + 2 Singles Hotel RoomSold145145145145145145145165165165165165185
Queen Spa Hotel SuiteSoldSold195Sold165165175Sold175175175175175195
  Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
19 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24 Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug 29 Aug 30 Aug 31 Aug 01 Sep
Koala Court Holiday Apartments1 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSold145Sold145145145145145145Sold145
 City Centre  
2 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold167167167167167167
2 Bedroom Family ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSold185SoldSoldSold185185185185185
3 Bedroom ApartmentSold270270270270270270270SoldSoldSoldSold270270
Best Western Plus Cairns Central ApartmeExec. Studio Hotel Room184184176Sold188176150144137144144144150162
1 Bedroom Apartment158158167Sold188177168176168160177185185168
Clifton Beach Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
19 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24 Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug 29 Aug 30 Aug 31 Aug 01 Sep
Agincourt Beachfront Apartments1 Bedroom Garden ApartmentSoldSold190190190190190190190190190190190190
 Clifton Beach  
1 Bedroom Beachfront Apartment195195SoldSold195195195195195195195195195195
2 Bedrm 2Bthrm Beachfront Spa200200SoldSoldSoldSold200200200200200200200Sold
Port Douglas Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
19 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24 Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug 29 Aug 30 Aug 31 Aug 01 Sep
Coral Apartments Port DouglasOne Bedroom ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold179SoldSoldSold159
Lychee Tree Holiday Apartments1 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSold149SoldSoldSold149SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold
 Port Douglas  
2 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold219Sold219219SoldSoldSold
Port Douglas Beachfront Terraces2 Bdrm Gardenview ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold161
Reef Club Resort Port Douglas1 Bedroom King/Twin ApartmentSold185185185SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold
A Tropical Nite Holiday Townhouses1 Bedroom Townhouse ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold165165165165Sold
 Port Douglas  
Deluxe 1 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold185185185185
2 Bedroom Townhouse ApartmentSoldSoldSold169169SoldSold179179179179179179179
Deluxe 2 Bdrm 2 Bthm ApartmentSoldSoldSold209209209209209209209209209209219
3 Bedroom Townhouse ApartmentSoldSoldSold209209SoldSold219219219219219219219
Deluxe 3 Bdrm 2 Bthm ApartmentSoldSoldSold249249249249249249249249249249249
Dreamcatcher ApartmentsSuperior Studio Apartment219SoldSold199199199199199199199199199199199
 Port Douglas  
Luxury 1 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSold239239239239239239239239239239
Mai Tai ResortSuperior SuiteSoldSoldSold179169149169189189149169169149189
 Port Douglas  
Deluxe SuiteSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold199199199179199199179
Luxury 2 Bedroom VillaSoldSoldSold499475499475499SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold
Oaks LagoonsKing/ Twin Spa Hotel RoomSold209209209209209231231199199199199199188
 Port Douglas  
Spa Hotel Room No CancelSold199199199199199219219189189189189189179
Swimout Hotel Room No CancelSold219219219219219239239209209209209209199
Swimout King/ Twin Hotel RoomSold231231231231231252252220220220220220209
1 Bedroom Apartment No CancelSold229229Sold229229249249219219219219219209
Deluxe 1 Bedroom Apartment Sold241241Sold241241262262231231231231231220
1 Bdm Plunge Apt No CancelSold259259SoldSoldSold279279249249249249249239
1 Bdm Plunge Pool ApartmentSold273273SoldSoldSold294294262262262262262252
1 Bdm Swimout Apt No CancelSoldSoldSold249249249Sold269239239239239239229
1 Bedroom Swimout ApartmentSoldSoldSold262262262Sold283252252252252252241
2 Bdm 2 Bthm Apt No CancelSoldSoldSoldSold329329SoldSoldSoldSold319319319299
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSold346346SoldSoldSoldSold336336336315
2 Bdm Plunge Apt No CancelSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold399399369369369369369349
2 Bdm Plunge Pool ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold420420388388388388388367
2 Bedm Swimout Apt No CancelSoldSoldSold359359359SoldSoldSold349349349349329
2 Bedroom Swimout ApartmentSoldSoldSold378378378SoldSoldSold367367367367346
3 Bedroom Spa ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSold452SoldSoldSoldSoldSold441441420
3 Bedroom Spa No CancelSoldSoldSoldSoldSold429SoldSoldSoldSoldSold419419399
3 Bedroom SwimoutSoldSoldSold483483483SoldSoldSold473473473473452
3 Bedroom Swimout No CancelSoldSoldSold459459459SoldSoldSold449449449449429
Port Douglas Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
19 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24 Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug 29 Aug 30 Aug 31 Aug 01 Sep
Paradise Links Resort Port DouglasKing/ Twin Hotel RoomSold190190190190190190190190190190190190190
QT Port DouglasKing Room Garden ViewSoldSold209249Sold289269309209Sold209259SoldSold
 Port Douglas  
1 Bdrm Garden View AptSold339259299SoldSold319359259259259309279Sold
2 Bedroom King ApartmentSold429349389Sold429SoldSold349349349Sold369369
The Meridian at Port DouglasStudio Queen ApartmentSold210SoldSold210SoldSoldSoldSold210210210Sold210
Coconut Grove Port Douglas1 Bdrm Balcony Spa Apartmtent495SoldSold495495Sold495Sold495SoldSold495495Sold
 Port Douglas  
1 Bdrm King Pool Spa Apartment685SoldSold685SoldSold685Sold685685685Sold685Sold
1 Bdrm Penthouse Spa ApartmentSold695SoldSoldSoldSold695695695695695695695695
2 Bdrm 2 Bthm Spa Apartment590SoldSold590590Sold590Sold590SoldSold590590Sold
2 Bdm 2Bthm Pool Spa Apartment810SoldSold810SoldSold810Sold810810810Sold810Sold
2 Bdrm 2Bthrm Pool PenthouseSold850SoldSoldSoldSold850850850850850850850850
3 Bdrm 2 Bathrm Spa Apartment640SoldSold640640Sold640Sold640SoldSold640640Sold
3 Bdm 2Bthm Pool Spa Apartment860SoldSold860SoldSold860Sold860860860Sold860Sold
3 Bdrm 2Bthrm Pool PenthouseSold900SoldSoldSoldSold900900900900900900900900
Niramaya Villas and Spa1 Bedroom Spa Villa ApartmentSold910910910SoldSoldSold910910910910910910910
 Port Douglas  
2 Bedroom Spa Villa ApartmentSold980980980SoldSoldSold980980980980980980980
3 Bedroom Spa Villa ApartmentSold105010501050SoldSoldSold1050105010501050105010501050
4 Bedroom Villa ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold1400140014001400140014001400Sold
4 Bedroom Deluxe Spa VillaSold14701470147014701470SoldSold147014701470147014701470
Ramada Resort Port DouglasKing/ Twin Hotel RoomSoldSoldSoldSold179Sold159Sold159SoldSold159SoldSold
 Port Douglas  
King/ Twin Hotel Room + BfastSoldSoldSoldSold215Sold195Sold195SoldSold195SoldSold
Deluxe Hotel RoomSoldSoldSoldSoldSold199179SoldSold159159179179219
Deluxe Hotel Room + BfastSoldSoldSoldSoldSold235215SoldSold195195215215255
Port Douglas Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
19 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24 Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug 29 Aug 30 Aug 31 Aug 01 Sep
Marina Terraces1 Bedroom Apartment SuperiorSoldSoldSoldSold210210200Sold190190190190190190
 Port Douglas  
Superior 2 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSold280SoldSoldSoldSold270270270230230Sold230
2 Bedroom PenthouseSoldSoldSoldSoldSold250250250SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold
Palm Cove Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
19 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24 Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug 29 Aug 30 Aug 31 Aug 01 Sep
BeachView Apartments at Villa Paradiso1 Bedroom Beachfront ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSold242242SoldSold252252252252SoldSold
 Palm Cove Beach  
2 Bdrm 2 Bthrm Beachfront AptSoldSoldSoldSold407407SoldSold407407407407SoldSold
3 Bdrm 2 Bthrm Beachfront AptSoldSoldSoldSold502502SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold
Elysium ApartmentsStudio ApartmentSoldSold180SoldSoldSoldSoldSold180SoldSoldSoldSoldSold
 Palm Cove Beach  
1 Bedroom Apartment250250250250250250250SoldSoldSoldSoldSold250250
2 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSold330330330Sold330330330330330330330330
3 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSold395395395395395395395395395395395395
Oasis at Palm Cove1 Bedroom ApartmentSold255255255255255255255255255255255255255
 Palm Cove Beach  
2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom ApartmentSold325325325325325325325325325325325325325
3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom ApartmentSold385385385385385385385385385385385385385
Cairns Beaches Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
19 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24 Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug 29 Aug 30 Aug 31 Aug 01 Sep
Cairns Beach Resort1 Bedroom Garden Apartment230230230230230230230230230230230230230230
 Holloways Beach  
1 Bedroom Apartment Sea ViewsSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold250250250250250250250
Premium 1 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold250250
Premium Sea View ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold244244244244244244
Trinity Beach Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
19 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24 Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug 29 Aug 30 Aug 31 Aug 01 Sep
Palms at Trinity1 Bdrm Pool/Garden AptmntSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold140140140140140140
Marlin Cove Resort1 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold189189SoldSoldSoldSoldSold189
 Trinity Beach Cairns Beaches  
2 Bedroom ApartmentSoldSoldSold199199Sold199199199199SoldSoldSoldSold
On the Beach Holiday Apartments1 Bdm Beachfront ApartmentSoldSoldSoldSold205SoldSold205205205205205205205
Trinity Beach Club Holiday Apartments1 Bedroom ApartmentSold180180180180180Sold180180180180180180140
 Trinity Beach Cairns Beaches  
2 Bedroom ApartmentSold210210210210210210210210210210210210190
Trinity Beach Pacific ApartmentsStudio King ApartmentSold165165165165165165165165165165165165Sold
 Trinity Beach Cairns Beaches  
One Bedroom Queen ApartmentSoldSold195195SoldSoldSoldSold195195195195SoldSold
Costa Royale Beachfront Apartments2bdm 2bthm Ocean Spa ApartmentSold350350350350350350350350350350350350320
Daintree Rainforest, Cape Tribulation Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
19 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24 Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug 29 Aug 30 Aug 31 Aug 01 Sep
Daintree Rainforest RetreatQueen SuiteSoldSold140SoldSold140140140140140SoldSoldSold140
Queen Suite + KitchenetteSold143143143143143143143143143143143143143
Twin SuiteSold154SoldSoldSold154154154154SoldSoldSold154154
Twin Suite + KitchenetteSold174174Sold174174174174174174SoldSold174174
Family 4Sold194SoldSoldSold194SoldSold194194194194194194
Family / Group 5Sold204204204204204SoldSold204204204204204204
Family/ Group 6Sold208208208208208208208208208208208208208
Heritage Lodge and Spa in the DaintreeQueen Hotel CabinSold330Sold330330330330Sold330330330330330330
Family Hotel Cabin - 1 Q & 2 S330330Sold330330Sold330330330330330330330330
Mission Beach Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
19 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 22 Aug 23 Aug 24 Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug 29 Aug 30 Aug 31 Aug 01 Sep
Licuala LodgeQueen Hotel RoomSoldSoldSoldSoldSold135135135Sold135135135135135
 Mission Beach  
1 Bedroom King Hotel SuiteSoldSoldSold155SoldSoldSoldSoldSold155SoldSoldSold155
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